General Overview of Nekotopia Ecosystem

Aniel Essien
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Before the brief look into the general summary, Nekotopia since its launch has been one of the leading forces in its category, Why that?

Using the term “inexplicable” to refer to how Nekotopia coined out a ‘verse of this status wouldn’t be considered a ‘loss of thread’, It’s rather bewildering. It has served what has been considered the best by many. The big question remains; “how do I earn from playing games?” It’s easily the P2E (Play-to-earn) model of GameFi which is aimed at giving opportunities to players all around the world who bring value to any game to be rewarded financially.

Now, looking back at the origin of the Play-to-earn (P2E) model, we can boldly affirm the fact that this will be one of the most lubricating and enriching factors in the blockchain industry.

Propelled by this, Nekotopia launched its first P2E game alongside the Native token ($NEKO) which will be the main source of earnings, in-game purchases, and income during the playtime. Nekotopia’s system has never been complex but has been a ‘site of attraction’ recently; judging from the aspect of it fair virtual characters and [best] in-game animation and optimized in-game settings to be compatible with devices with any level of the graphics card and lower FPS.

The above is just a teaser as there is so much more to undercover about Nekotopia which includes:

  • The continued desire to reach its threshold: Nekotopia has built a huge game metaverse featuring the Neko Online Battle Arena (NOBA), a 3D interoperable world at its best, and is still enthusiastic about further improvement.
  • Helping every gamer attain financial freedom is the key objective, keen to provide a sustainable in-game economy Reality realm for all Nekotopians. As a boost to the ‘in-game economy’, Nekotopia will follow a multi-drop NFT format.

Nothing has been on the blockchain radar and has vastly been growing with a huge ratio as GameFi. In one of the biggest P2E games, a player [in a month] can earn over $1,200 worth of it Native Token, HUGE!

Here’s a detailed read!

About Nekotopia

Nekotopia is a 3D interoperable world driven by a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game at the heart of it. The Neko Game pass NFT provides access to the Nekotopian MOBA & the P2E

mechanics of the game ecosystem. Built on EVM compatible protocols, Nekotopia

fully unlocks its P&E functionality while bridging the gap between world-class AAA gaming and sustainable P&E tokenomics.

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