GazeTV reward mechanism and untold community growth

Aniel Essien
3 min readMay 28, 2021


Aniel Essien

It’s been two weeks since GazeTV has gone public; growth is undeniable as the Gazer community keeps submerging the GAZE Tokenomic atmosphere with support, content, and interactive audience. So far,

GazeTV has been very generous with its reward mechanism — a system that rewards both content creators and audiences alike for creating and interacting with created content respectively.

Leveraging their reward mechanism for growth has paid off immensely in terms of Gazer community building and laying a strong support system within the community. I hear you ask how? Well, what do you think of an innovative platform that rewards everyone for every valid activity they undertake within the platform?

GazeTV is a social entertainment platform with an integrated reward feature with the entertainment creators and the viewers in mind. In essence, people who create the content are labeled the Content creators and the viewers are labeled the audience. Hence, while the former creates contents, the later

view the contents, making everyone active participants rather than leaving one party passive.

It will interest you that while all these activities go on, everyone is rewarded each time. The Gazer community will always use the slogan ‘every second count’; to affirm the goal of this innovative social platform.

GazeTV reward Pool

Aniel Essien

As highlighted earlier, activities on GazeTV are factional in two, so is the reward pool. $GAZE Token is rewarded as the official currency of GazeTV.

Content creators get rewards to their $GAZE wallet addresses each time their content is uploaded, passes the quality test, and is published. A total of 0.1$GAZE is rewarded per second for the content-upload reward pool.

The second faction is the engagement reward pool & reward rate engagement reward pool. This reward faction carters for registered members for each time they take an action in the platform as well as the content creators who created the contents they interact with for 0.25 $GAZE. The reward takes 1:1.

That is, whatever the audience gets, the creator gets the same thing.

The GazeTV audience is rewarded for;

· Viewing a qualified video on GazeTV

· Liking/disliking a qualified video on GazeTV

· Commenting on a qualified Video and

· Sharing a qualified Video.

To crown the Gazer community collective support effort, GazeTV users are allowed to support content creators by rewarding them with $Gaze within the platform.

The Tokenization of GazeTV has indeed changed how social entertainment platforms operate, and bringing rewards to the table for both users and creators to share is quite thoughtful. You can join the Gazer community to become part of this innovative reward system.

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