The creators behind the grand strategy game Blocklords launched the Seascape Platform, which combines gaming with NFTs and DeFi. The Plan to launch three smaller gamified projects (Profit circus, NFT Brawl & amp; staking saloon) during the first quarter of the year 2021, starting with Profit Circus.

Profit Circus isn’t a game in the traditional sense, instead, it’s a gamified reward system. Users who provide liquidity to the CWS/ETH pool on Uniswap can stake their liquidity tokens on the platform. They receive and earn rewards through Profit Circus.


The first of Seascape Network Defi minigames, user are allowed to add liquidity to the PCWS-BNB pool on uniswap and exchange LP token for freshly minted $CWS

Profit circus is a new entry in the nascent ‘Play to Earn’ video game monetization category. As we know, Video games have seen different monetization methods, such as free-to-play, subscription, paid.

With play to earn, the experimental monetization concepts provide dual incentives for users to play games for leisure and also for monetary goals.

Profit Circus; initial liquidity mining event will provide about 50,000 $CWS ( Valued at over $1M as at the time of release) for the early players of the minigame.

First-time players will be rewarded with a free NFT, which can be staked for Crowns in other minigames on the Seascape Network. With great APY, high rollers can expect great rewards.

How To Play Profit Circus

  • Stake PCWS-BNB LP to get Crown rewards, your first Seascape NFT
  • Get Crowns Token from BakerySwap
  • Add PCWS-BNB liquidity to the BakerySwap pool in order to stake them in profit circus and start earning.

Make sure to use the right address:0xbcf39F0EDDa668C58371E519AF37CA705f2bFcbd

Stake LP tokens and be rewarded with Crowns at will.

Profit circus is interactive, it makes the process of liquidity mining a bit more approachable, and it’s not entirely a game.

DAVID JOHANSSON, CEO of Seascape Network, concerning Profit circus said, ‘’Profit circus is our first effort to make DeFi more accessible to a huge user base and we can’t wait to share the rest of our Project’’.


I know you been wondering how to get in on liquidity on profit circus,here is a link that describes all you need to know.


There are no details on the two other products for Seascape Platform yet. At the same time, the developers are also working on Blocklords. Recently, the studio expressed their ambition to add more DeFi elements to their already existing game strategy, which could potentially mean that Blocklords will use Crowns (CWS) shortly.

Gamers who are interested in seascape networks or learning more about the gamified projects on the platform can visit the seascape platform for more information.


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