DogeTools on Dogechain: A Comprehensive Suite of Tools for Engaging Web3 Communities

Aniel Essien
3 min readApr 22, 2024


DogeTools is fondly called the “Dogechain Helper” because of the many innovative tools it builds for the ecosystem — Tipbot, Burn bot, Mint bot, Buy bots, farms, etc.

Getting your crypto community to interact can be tasking if there’s nothing fun to keep community members hinged and engaged, making them come back for a more daily dose of that excitement.

This is even more necessary in an ecosystem that promotes memecoins. Memecoins are all about jokes and fun and community members have to feel a good level of acceptance and chatty atmosphere to get them committed to the project.

This is what DogeTools offers Dogechain and other projects.

What is DogeTools?

These are a suite of tools on the Dogechain network that optimizes the blockchain’s ecosystem engagement by providing well-rounded tools and services for engaging community interactions.

With DogeTools, there’s enhanced experience, security, profitability, and excitement. Although DogeTools is mainly building on Dogechain, it also has begun integrating projects from different chains to set up these tools for their communities.

Becoming multi-chain is helping to give Dogechain more blockchain presence and adoption as users and projects that get to utilize DogeTools on other chains learn about Dogechain in the process of set-up.

If you have ever struggled with managing community interaction, you’re in luck as DogeTools handles this effectively.

A look at the different solutions available with DogeTools

DogeTools Bots

These are a set of specially designed bots, each performing a specific function within the ecosystem.

  1. TipBot

Have you ever wanted to reward a community member for their dedication and found that difficult?

Tipbot lets you tip active members with ease plus it is a fun way to keep the community engaged. The best part is that multiple chains and tokens support it.

2. BurnBot

Reducing the number of tokens in circulation gas has never been so easy. With BurnBot you can reduce tokens by burning the said token. BurnBot is supported by custom-listed tokens as well as tipbot.

3. NFT TipBot

This bot lets you tip and mint NFTs in any group using your tip wallet.

DogeTools NFTs

DogeTools has a cute NFT collection — Doge with Tools.

The target is to mint out 5000 NFTs, containing rare NFTs that feature Marc Cuban or Elon Musk.

Each mint costs 80wDOGE. The price per mint is however subject to change as the team deems fit or on special events.

If you are lucky enough, you could mint special NFTs called “Pizza NFTs”.

What are special Pizza NFTs?

Minted NFTs that feature a slice of pizza are called Pizza NFTs.

This set will receive a reward of $25 worth in wDOGE as a gesture of appreciation to the person who previously ordered a pizza with BTC.

You can mint these NFTs on the DogeTools platform. Another available option is buying NFTs on Mantra Protocol, a marketplace on the Dogechain ecosystem to execute their transactions.

NFT Staking

Users on the network can stake their NFTs to earn $DTOOLS, the official token for DogeTools.

$DTOOLS Staking

There is an option to stake your $DTOOLS tokens and earn a 5% APY. The advantage of staking is that there is no lock-in period, allowing users to unstake or claim their tokens at any time without any withdrawal fees after 24 hours.

Additionally, staking can earn you $DTOOLS rewards.

In conclusion, integrating DogeTools bots into your community chatrooms would change the way community members engage and interact. There would be a facelift, it would be more lively, and members would be more enthusiastic about chatting.

It could also positively affect your assets. More community members would have access to tokens and NFTs when tipped. Tokenomics can be improved through token burns with the burn bots.

To join the DogeTools community and learn more about the project, visit their website or join them on Telegram to have full access to all bots.

Stay tuned for updates and announcements by joining the Dogechain Family community on all channels:

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