Dogechain Utilities: Progress and Future Updates

Aniel Essien
3 min readJan 25


Are you thinking of more utilities for your Dogecoin? Then you should look into how much progress the Dogechain ecosystem has recorded beyond just advancing the use of Dogecoin.

It’s been an exciting time within the Dogechain community as more and more projects plugin to leverage the phenomenal chain that is “DogeChain”.

What Has Dogechain Network Has Been Up To?

As a PoS blockchain built on Polygon, with smart contract compatibility to provide more utility to the chief meme coin “DOGE”, Dogechain has made significant advancements within its network and across the blockchain ecosystem to plug dogecoin users into advanced blockchain applications.

DC has proven to be quite the meme chain with various meme communities adopting and using the chain since its launch. The network has witnessed the creation of 500+ tokens on its chain from when the DC mainnet went live in August 2022.

Furthermore, the network has had several community builders who understand the value Dc offers, by this, there are over 200 dApps deployed on the chain, each with a unique and value-lidded scope. These dApps cut across different sections of the blockchain ecosystem including DeFi, gaming, tooling, etc.

Remarkable progress has also been recorded with DC’s native tokens with utility improved to access multiple use cases within the ecosystem. Users who seek to access these advanced utilities are required to lock their $DC in the VeDC model for a specified period to receive $VeDC tokens which can ultimately be used for staking and voting.

Dogechain has ensured a seamlessly easy and sustainable staking process by providing different staking models to suit different objectives of choice alongside appropriate reward systems put in place for users.

Milestones achieved over time include;

● Testnet launch in 2022

● Chained Mainnet Launch — PoA in August 2022

● Onboarding dApps (over 200)

● DC token launch in August 2022

● Major Centralized Exchanges listing — MEXC,, Kucoin, Huobi, etc.

● Early Shibes airdrop

● The great burn — 80% burn of total supply from 1 trillion to 200 million in November 2022.

● Ambassador program launch in December 2022.

Dogechain in 2023

The network has in store exciting updates awaiting implementation on the Dogechain ecosystem.

With the new year, Dogechain is dedicated to creating a network that not only boosts the utility of $DOGE but guarantees that every member of the ecosystem has access to the ultimate network experience.

Here are some updates to look forward to in the near future:

● Implementation of staking ladder model.

● various on and off-ramp integrations.

● Polygon edge upgrades to enhance the overall user experience.

● Rolling out the Dogegress Governance platform phase 2, which will be accessible for all ecosystem participants is another plan in the pipeline waiting.

● Dogegress Governance platform phase 2, which will be accessible for all ecosystem participants is another plan in the pipeline waiting.

● The Dogechain team is working on infrastructure optimization, using DC as gas, and exploring the possibility of Polygon supernets integration.

Additionally, the network intends to establish an Ecosystem of DAO and VCDC Grants to support the growth of the Dogechain ecosystem through community incentives.

The Dogechain team is not missing a step in building a world-class network of utilities and use cases. If you are yet to join the network, the time is now. Sign up and explore the various opportunities that abound on Dogechain.

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