Dogechain (the Memechain) Launches Build-A-Doge Workshop — A No-Code Memecoin Creator for Anyone Who Wishes to Own a Token

Aniel Essien
5 min readApr 28, 2023

Coding is technical and often too complicated for an average man. But cryptocurrencies and the Web3 ecosystem were supposedly created to give anyone a voice, hence, its concept of decentralization.

However, to build a blockchain, protocol, decentralized application, etc., you need a lot of finance and funding to build from scratch to full deployment and to run the ecosystem. For a regular Web3 user, that is a lot of hassle and you would rather be a part of an ecosystem that is open and fair, hold their tokens, and be a part of its governance as a stakeholder.

The advent of memecoins, on the other hand, began a new wave that made these tokens feel more community-centric. Dogecoin was launched with no utilities, just a trend that advertised the memecoin and got people buying it in their numbers with a good amount of influence. Dogecoin easily became the third coin of Web3 recognition after Bitcoin and Ethereum, championing it as the King of memecoins.

This brought a new light to the Web3 space — anyone can create a memecoins with little or no utility and if well marketed, can amass a lot of community support. This led to the spring of several memecoins. But still, developing memecoins stood as a limitation for several people and only creators with good financial backgrounds could fund development, or builders with development knowledge could build their memecoins.

Dogechain, as the blockchain providing utility to Dogecoin and also dedicated to being a memechain, saw this problem and has finally provided a solution — Build-A-Doge Workshop!

What is Build-A-Doge Workshop?

The Build-A-Doge Workshop was launched on 26th April 2023 to give users the ability to create their tokens without any coding skills. If you ever dreamed of launching your own memecoin, this right here is all you need to get it launched in less than a minute!

Dogechain is the ultimate destination for memes and dreams, which is why the team is building ways to make meme token trading easy and fun for the ecosystem. So you, as a user, can get to create your own memecoins for your community and enjoy the benefits of volume, TVL, and new user acquisition.

Imagine that you are an influencer with a lot of people who just love you, you can build a community with your token and no pressure. People willing to give their support can do so and you can use it for a lot of activities in your community.

Your tokens are built using the DOG-20 bug-free smart contracts that are tested by the Dogechain Development Team and you can rest assured that there are no hidden fees, rugpulls, or malicious backdoors that could compromise your token economy.

You can also trade your tokens on Dogechain with the help of Quickswap, which offers fast and low-cost transactions with V2 and V3 AMMs. This way, you can trust that your tokens are safe and secure on Dogechain.

Guide to Creating Your Memecoins on Build-A-Doge Workshop

Creating a token with Build-A-Doge Workshop is fast and easy, with these simple steps:

1. Make sure you have enough $DC and wDOGE in your wallet.

You need at least 10,000 $DC to pay the no-spam fee and some wDOGE for gas.

2. Go to the Build-A-Doge Workshop website

3. Connect your Metamask wallet to the app.

If you have not added Dogechain to your Metamask, you can do it by using this information:


ChainID: 2000


RPC Endpoints:

4. After connecting your wallet:

- Type in your Token Name (the full name of your Token).

- Type in your Token Symbol (the short name of your Token).

- Choose the number of decimals for your token. (18 is the standard number).

- Type in the total supply of tokens you want to create.

- Type in the Dogechain wallet address where you want to receive your tokens.

5. Click on “Mint my DOG20 Token” and confirm the transactions.

6. Allow your Metamask to spend your $DC for the no-spam fee. If your transaction fails because of high demand, try increasing your gas fee above 300 Gwei.

7. Confirm the minting transaction.

8. Add the token to your Metamask wallet.

9. View your token on the Dogechain Block Explorer.

Congratulations, you have successfully created your own DOG20 token.

You can now trade it on one of the decentralized exchanges on Dogechain like Quickswap and provide liquidity to enable trading.

The Benefits of Build-A-Doge Workshop

Some of the benefits of the Build-A-Doge Workshop for users and the Dogechain ecosystem are:

1. It enables anyone to create their own memecoin without any coding skills, which lowers the barrier to entry and encourages creativity and innovation.

2. It provides users with a bug-free and secures smart contract for their memecoin, which eliminates the risk of malicious backdoors, hidden fees, or rugpulls that could harm their investors or reputation.

3. It connects users with the growing meme economy on Dogechain, which offers fast and low-cost transactions, liquidity pools, trading pairs, and other utilities for their memecoin on the Dogechain decentralized exchange powered by Quickswap.

4. It will boost the TVL (total value locked) of Dogechain by attracting more users and volume to the chain, which increases its network effect, security, and value proposition as a memechain.

The memecoin revolution with Dogechain has begun!

About Dogechain

Dogechain is a Layer 1 blockchain that leverages the Polygon Edge framework to become a stand-alone EVM-compatible chain. It was created to bring utility to Dogecoin ($DOGE) by enabling it to be wrapped by a smart contract and bridged to the chain where it can be used to engage in different Web3 and DeFi use cases.

Dogechain is popularly called the “memechain” It is a community-first ecosystem for $DOGE believers and holders created by Dogecoin enthusiasts who believed that $DOGE can do more than just be held.

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