Dogechain Launches zkEVM Testnet: A Step Towards Improved Scalability and Interoperability

Aniel Essien
3 min readMar 22, 2024


The first step towards Dogechain’s adoption of Polygon CDK and zkEVM technology is currently in full swing.

What Led to the Push for Polygon CDK for zkEVM?

Dogechain is a layer-2 solution for the Dogecoin blockchain that aims to improve its interoperability and scalability.

The Dogechain PoS serves as a standalone EVM sidechain that uses Dogecoin as gas. However, it still needs to rely on third-party services for interoperability and liquidity with the broader blockchain ecosystem.

To address this shortcoming, the Dogechain community voted in favour of developing a chain that uses Polygon CDK and will use roll-up technology to allow better asset composability and interoperability with the broader EVM ecosystem.

The Dogechain zkEVM will be a Layer 2 network of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and a zero-knowledge (ZK) rollup scaling solution, an entirely new Dogechain blockchain network where interoperability and scalability will be at its finest.

Once the Dogechain zkEVM chain is launched, apps and smart contracts on the chain will be able to achieve interoperability with other Polygon zkEVM chains.

There will be a trustless atomic bridge that would enable users and developers to move their assets in and out of Dogechain to other chains with ease.

The Progress Made So Far: zkEVM Testnet is Live!

The progress regarding the deployment of Dogechain on Polygon CDK has been significant. The Dogechain zkEVM testnet has launched with a complete ZK proving system and full transaction data availability. The proving system uses a combination of eSTARK proofs and FRI, which are then compressed using FFLONK SNARKs to create the final ZK proof.

The zkEVM also benefits from trustless asset bridging using rollups, from Ethereum and the numerous chains utilizing Polygon CDK. In this regard, it removes the dependence on third-party bridges, increases security, and provides higher interoperability with other blockchains.

The gas customization feature will allow Dogechain zkEVM users to plug in their Dogecoin and use it as gas on the chain.

The testnet is a public testnet and is a testing ground for builders and users who want to explore the new blockchain functionalities.

While this is still in construction and will undergo major updates, developers can now deploy dApps, tokens, and smart contracts and users can test these deployments.

For now, the testnet is connected to the Ethereum Sepolia Testnet and uses Sepolia ETH as gas.

However, Polygon will provide options for custom tokens to be used as gas, and the Dogechain team will implement these upgrades and test them before launching the mainnet.

Let’s Test!

I’ll take you through a quick walkthrough on how to connect to Dogechain zkEVM and bridge crypto assets.

  1. Open your wallet (preferably MetaMask) and navigate to the “Add Network” option.

2. Click on it and enter the following network details in the image below:

After adding the network, the next step is to bridge!

3. You need test tokens for this, so it’s time to hit the faucet.

Go to the Dogechain faucet and request tokens. You’ll receive 0.025 ETH.

We are done here. Now, let’s get to the main part!

4. Click on this link to access the Dogechain zkEVM environment.

5. Set the number of tokens to transfer from the Ethereum network to Dogechain zkEVM Mainnet or vice versa (as the case may be).

6. Click on “Continue” and confirm the transaction.

And that’s it!

Once the mainnet goes live, you’ll be able to bridge trustlessly from Dogechain to other EVM chains!

Learn more in Dogechain’s blog post.

With the progress made, the future looks bright for Dogecoin, and the deployment of Dogechain on Polygon CDK is one of the many initiatives that will help the coin reach its full potential.

The zkEVM is empowering the Dogecoin community to create a thriving ecosystem that will benefit all users, and it’s exciting to see what the future holds.

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