Comdex’s $CMST Token Usages and Community Update


The collateral assets used as debt, to mint $CMST, are interchain, meaning they are available across blockchains.


This is the process of providing liquidity on a blockchain, via tokens.

Collateral Auction

Done through a dutch auction mechanism, a collateral auction happens when there is a huge drop in the minimal collateralization ratio of the $CMST vault, falling below the required amount.

Debt Auction

When the uncertainty prevails, and the art of liquidation does not work to keep the $CMST grounded in liquidity, Harbor uses debt auctions of $HARBOR tokens that have been newly minted, in the place of the $CMST stablecoin.

Community Update

The week of September 17th to 25th has so far seen the following changes taking place within the Comdex network.

About Comdex Network

The Comdex chain now serves as a DeFi infrastructure layer for the Cosmos ecosystem. Essentially this means that Comdex provides a variety of interoperable plug & play modules for projects to use to create their own DeFi platforms providing utility to the Cosmos community as well as DeFi users worldwide



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