Comdex Launches it Eco Mainnet

The streets heard it, as it was written all over the walls about the Comdex mainnet launch party. This weekend, November 20th precisely, marks the beginning of the Comdex ecosystem journey with the launch of its Mainnet. However, prior to the launch, a number of community based events were hosted in that respect. Some of which includes an airdrop sessions and a meme competition.

The Airdrop/giveaway

Two giveaway sessions went down, among others in celebration of the Comdex Mainnet launch party. One was a $500 worth of $CMDX. All the participants need do to qualify was to register and retweet a link which was provided via the Comdex information channel. For this giveaway, 25 lucky winners were randomly selected for $20 worth of $CMDX each.

Another airdrop of about $10,000 $CMDX came through after the first, still in celebration of the comdex Mainnet launch. Over 100 lucky winners were randomly picked to receive 100 $CMDX. The second phase of this airdrop was specifically for the top 3 promoters. Each of the top 3 promoters were to receive $150 worth of $CMDX for a total of 250 $CMDX.

Meme Competition

Entries into the Meme competition in respect of the Comdex Mainnet launch was lite. The competition was a meme talent showcase, fun and rewarding as the winners were entitled to some amount of $CMDX.

The 1st position was to receive 100 $CMDX

The 2nd position was to receive 100 $CMDX

The 3rd position was to also receive 100 $CMDX

The 4th position was to receive 50 $CMDX

The 5th position was to receive 50 $CMDX

The Comdex Mainnet launch

Registration for the Comdex launch party was closed shortly before the launch and the slots for speakers and thought leaders were filled up before the launch. All these were in readiness for November 20th, 2021 marking the official launch of the Comdex Mainnet.

The agenda of the Comdex community summarily, is to build a single suite that accommodates many solutions. Which includes Enterprise trading platforms, ShipFi and Synthetics.

The enterprise trading platform is built on trust, efficiency in commodity trade for both SME and MSME.

ShipFi, although slated for launch on 2022, will usher in finance dept and on-chain receivable assets to obtain liquidity.

The Synthetics facilitates the minting of so that DeFi investors can get exposed to real world assets.

What are Synthetic assets?

One of the Comdex major products suite is the Synthetic asset class, otherwise called cAssets. cAssest are tokenized versions of gold, silver, oil and other valuable commodities. Tokenizing these assets takes out all the complexities associated with acquiring them in real life including the regulatory hassles.

To acquire these Synthetic asset classes on Comdex, users collateralize $CMDX, $DVPN, $XPRT, $ATOM, and $AKT to mint cAssets. With this collateral paradigm, users will be granted access to inflation-resistant commodities.

The introduction of the Comdex product suite into the blockchain will further democratise high asset class and finance. It will also modernise the commodities industry.

What to expect

As the Comdex Mainnet launch has comeby, the expectancy rate is high on interest. From airdrop participants who hope to get their rewards, to Meme competition winners.

That aside, a lot of activities will have to accompany the project launch including active trading in the system, minting Synthetic assets and all. The use of the Comdex native token $CMDX will become more active to give it value.

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