Comdex Calls for Cadet Ambassadors

In view of the Comdex Cadet Ambassadors programme, Comdex is now accepting applicants who qualify to become Comdex Cadet Ambassadors. Admission is on, and is open to cryptocurrency enthusiasts who are also passionate and committed to community building.

The Comdex Cadets Ambassadors programme aims to foster the adoption of Comdex and also creates far reaching awareness about Comdex projects. The programme help the memebers to get exposed and stay closely connected with the Comdex core team.

In addition, the participants will also be compensated with $CMDX tokens alongside. The application is open till December 31st 2021. Interested persons can apply using this link.

Comdex twitter space event was lite!
Precisely on December 23rd 2021, Comdex hosted a twitter space event. The bird app saw the Comdex team chat about what is ahead for the comdex project. Tell you what, was lite.

If you joined in that twitter space event, feel free to share what you loved about it.

Santa Came early to Comdex
I don't about you, it seems like Santa got to Comdex early enough to ignite the Christmas spirit. In the spirit of Christmas, Comdex open the floor with a retweet and win contest tagged 'Secret Santa Giveaway'. The Secret Santa giveaway has over $50 worth of $CMDX in gift.

To participate, like, share and retweet this tweet amd telling what excites you most about Comdex.
By doing so, you stand a chance to receive $50 $CMDX.

Incentivized liquidity pool still running on Osmosis
Incase you don't remember, the Comdex incentivized liquidity pool is still running om Osmosis decentralized exchange.

There staking pairs are $CMDX/ OSMO with 195%APR and $CMDX/ ATOM with 115%APR. This means that there is a lot to earn from. In addition to the staking reward, you can also share in the extra $CMDX reward.

Catch the comdex launch party on YouTube
The Comdex launch party was such a memory and a recap was necessary. You can watch now on YouTube with this link, the Comdex launch party if you missed it.

The Comdex launch party received support from other projects in the Cosmos ecosystem including PersistenceOne, Akash, Sifchain, Umee and more. Moving forward, the Comdex LBP was hosted on Osmosis dex, in addition to the incentivized LPs still running on Osmosis. The rest of events that followed includes the giveaways and community based events to celebrate the Comdex token launch.

It is interesting how most of Comdex project plans fell in place right before Christmas. For you, it is a season to enjoy the goodies that the season brings through Comdex and its programmes. For the Comdex team however, the journey has just begun.

Watch out for more updates as Comdex continues to feed its community with jaw-dropping events and projects.




A realist

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Aniel Essien

Aniel Essien

A realist

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