Comdex and its Synthetic DEX: What You May Need to Know

The Synthetics DEX Mainnet is underway awaiting complete features and is set to be fully launched in the second quarter of 2022.

Introducing the Comdex Synthetics DEX

With the launch of the Synthetics DEX comes your ability to democratize your real-time assets and commodities. The user interface will be held in high esteem; you will be able to borrow, swap, liquidize your assets, farm your cAssets, and do much more with your electronic device.

The Synthetics DEX will be easily navigable and your user experience is set to be awesome. You will easily be able to check what position you are on within the Comdex community (just from the Home tab), and trade cAssets without stress using the cSwap (Comdex's trading enterprise) tab.

Navigating the Synthetics DEX Mainnet

Via tabs on the DEX website, you will be able to easily perform functions on the Synthetics DEX. These tabs include the Home and cSwap tabs, amongst others.

Let us take a sneak peek or teaser into the yet-to-be-launched DEX.

1. Home.
Check what position you gave attained on the decentralized exchange forum.

2. cSwap.
Trade cAssets with ease.

3. Borrow.
✓ Create your collaterized debt position on the platform.

✓ Mint your cAssets.

4. Farm.
✓ Stake and enable liquidity via your cAssets.

✓ Be free to relish in your harvest.

Roles You Can Take Up Within the Synthetics Decentralized Exchange

1. Trading
As a trader, you can get involved in the cSwap part of the DEX, by buying and selling cAssets.

2. Minting
As a minter, you can create your collaterized debt position (CDP) to receive the cAssets you have minted.

3. Liquidity
As a liquidity provider, you can input an equal amount of cAssets and CMDX into the cSwap pool and get rewarded from the pool's trading gas fees or in form of CMDX tokens according to your share of liquidity which you have provided.

4. Staking
As a staker or investor, you can store CMDX tokens on Unagii or OmniFlix to be granted monetary benefits.

Merits of the Comdex Synthetics DEX

The Synthetics DEX will enable you to:

Trade your cAssets, at any time of your choice, without restraint.
Secure your cAssets against counter-party obstructions.
Invest without the requirements of storage or vault fees.
Diversify your investment options.
Reduce your exposure to digital assets without removing your capital from them.

Bridging decentralized finance (DeFi) with traditional finance (CeFi) is one major aim of Comdex (something that has already started being achieved), and the Synthetics DEX is programmed to speed up this unique bridge construction.

Innovative, right? Do you mind flowing along with this eye-opening project?

I mean… why not?

About Comdex

Comdex is a decentralized synthetics protocol and a product of the Persistence platform.

Comdex develops possible solutions for the decentralization of finance (DeFi) and the democratization of commodities by handing over to investors the knowledge to a widened scope of asset classes and rewarding features.

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