Comdex and its recent launch

The launch of the Comdex mainnet, and the liquidity bootstrapping pool preceding its token launch was grand. Moving forward, alot has been playing out since comdex launch, counting down are airdrops, exchange listings, liquidity staking pools and even more. This update came through for you, incase you missed any of these details.

$CMDX now listed on Coinmarketcap and CoinGecko

That’s right, $CMDX, Comdex native token is now listed and running live on Coinmarketcap and CoinGecko. This is a big start for the Comdex community. The listings on these very popular websites will continue, from the time of listing, to communicate analytic and market information about Comdex while tracking $CMDX.

The total market supply for $CMDX is 112,500,000 CMDX, the maximum market supply 200,000,000 CMDX. At the time of writing, CMDX has a 24hrs trading volume of 163,600, and a fully diluted market value of $377,275,914. CMDX is currently trading at $1.87 (at the time of writing).

Exchange Listing

Currently, $CMDX has been listed on the Osmosis exchange. ATOM/CMDX and CMDX/OSMO trading pairs are currently running on Osmosis following updates from CoinGecko. The all time trading volume for the ATOM/CMDX is currently 55.94% and 44.06% for CMDX/OSMO trading pair.

Staking Pool on Osmosis

Events running through since the launch of Comdex mainnet started with the LBP. If you missed that, you don’t have this too. An LP for Osmosis Decentralized exchange is currently running. Participating is thig pools allows you to stake the newly launched $CMDX token to earn really attractive annual percentage yield, APY, from the pool. The you can stake the CMDX/ ATOM pair to earn big. The clock is ticking.

Claim your CMDX airdrop

If you participated in the CMDX pre-launch airdrop, now is the time to secure and claim your airdrop. However, it is only available to eligible participants. So to secure your CMDX airdrop, be sure you are holding any ATOM, LUNA, OSMO or XPRT. If you didn’t know how to claim your CMDX airdrop, here is a how-to-guide;

How to claim your CMDX airdrop

  • Visit
  • Click on the dialougue box that says ‘check eligibility
  • Select any of the assets that you hold. Note that you can claim your airdrops individually if you hold more than one of thee assets including ATOM, LUNA, OSMO or XPRT
  • Paste your corresponding wallet address and submit
  • Check eligibility
  • Read through the disclaimer, and agree if you do
  • Connect your wallet to Kepler, to choose the wallet address
  • Then grab your prize, I mean your airdrop.

Right now, however, it seems like the Comdex airdrop page is going through maintenance. This, we are sure, is to make the airdrop claiming procedure a lot easier for you. So don’t be surprised if there is a little change in the airdrop claiming process away from the guide put up above.

End note

The CMDX token token launch and price started on a high and reasonable note. Don’t wait till you are told to get your hands on those CMDX tokens. A lot of projects are building up in the Comdex community and so does the potential of CMDX. Claim your airdrops if your have any of those assets, stake your tokens if you have them to earn juicy APYs, because together we grow.




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Aniel Essien

A realist

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