CMDX: What You Need to Know About Liquidity Pools & Staking via Comdex’s Official Token

Aniel Essien
4 min readApr 22, 2022


From the start of the year 2021 to date, the Comdex community has been moving forward and wants people to join in such progress.

2021 saw Comdex launch its main site for the mass circulation of tokens in January. Eleven months later, it launched its LBP (liquid bootstrapping pool), where people participated actively without having to pass through many procedures (or literally… gate checks).

Comdex’s LBP has granted each Comet a space for finding out about available token prices which they are able to afford. Like a Comet (member of the Comdex community worldwide), you are entitled to own a CMDX token on the LBP.


CMDX is the official governance token of the Comdex community, worldwide. It places democratic power in the hands of those who own it.

With CMDX, you are able to — along with others — stake in three given channels and the liquidity bootstrapping pool. You are even given the right to own lesser temporary project tokens and duplicate your CMDX into synths called cAssets and trade them on cSwap (the trading market of the international community).

The synthetic cAssets can be minted and continually mined via loan! You can just give some quantity of your CMDX as collateral, and then the journey begins.

Also, you should take into consideration that you — as a CMDX holder — can use your tokens to participate in community-wide decision-making processes, to decide who and when (etc) to join an alliance with certain institutions. The higher the amount of CMDX you own, the higher your level of influence in such processes.

The same goes for stakeholders; and the higher the amount of CMDX you stake on Comdex liquidity pools, the higher the benefits you accrue.

Being a liquidity provider gives you a lot more than you can imagine! This is seen in both personal earnings and that of the entire community (which, of course, adds to the value of earnings you see).

There are two major ways you can invest in CMDX on the Comdex platform:

Liquidity Pools

On decentralized exchanges, you can supply liquidity using your CMDX. In turn, you will receive benefits from Comdex’s liquidity pools.

Note that your supply contributes to the boosting of zero-fee transactions volume, which is beneficial to you. If you also take part in OSMO (Osmosis), the rewards will be given to you daily. You can receive these rewards on Osmosis liquidity pools, wherein the Pools 600 and 601 can be found.

It is better to stake for a longer period of time, though you still have to choose the bonding period that fits your economic status. Once you bond your staked CMDX, you have to wait for the period of time you choose to elapse.

The longer the timeframe, the bigger the income and annual percentage rate.

Just recently, Comdex enabled a Superfluid Staking power on its Osmosis Pool #601 with pair $OSMO/$CMDX.

The Pool is LIVE with an overall APR of 101%, making a 15% extra increase to the former overall APR, which also brings in more liquidity.

The Superfluid Staking will bond liquidity to several unbonding periods and as such, enable users to earn more OSMO liquidity rewards and swap fees.

Stake your $CMDX for Superfluid rewards:


Store your CMDX in a Keplr ( wallet to ensure secure financial backing. When you stake your CMDX in its LPs (liquidity pools), you are initially granted benefits from the inflation of its price. Soon after, you will begin to gain higher rewards as the number of Comdex’s community population begins to increase. There are three places where you can stake your CMDX assuredly.

There is OmniFlix (which lets you publicize NFTs), the Cosmostation (the Seoul-based validator run by the Cosmos network), as well as the Unagii (a decentralized staking rewards platform).

Being a Comet is a good thing. While the price of CMDX increases, you stand a higher chance of yielding higher rewards, based on what quantity you have staked.

Do not just be a member of the Comdex community, but be a participant also. Try making contributions, and see how far you’ll go.

About Comdex

Comdex is a decentralized synthetics protocol and a product of the Persistence platform.

Comdex develops possible solutions for the decentralization of finance (DeFi) and the democratization of commodities by handing over to investors the knowledge of a widened scope of asset classes and rewarding features.

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