Comdex, the sensational commodity trading system

The Functionalities that Comdex incorporates into the lending ecosystem are sensational and contrasting from what we would consider ‘regular lending platforms’. From providing liquidity to different asset classes, to bridging the gap between Decentralized Finance and Centralized Finance, Comdex has attracted the attention of remarkable media outlets and has devised a suitable means to break down its platform’s functionalities to the Comdex community at large.

Tech-times features Comdex

If you care to know how bad or good your impact speaks, wait till the media talk about you. For Comdex and its projects, it is an accolade from Tech-times.

In what seems like a comparison between the traditional commodity trading system and the decentralized liquidity commodity trading system which Comdex is offering, Tech-times features Comdex in a recent article. The article from Tech-times seems to have more to say about Comdex than Comdex itself.

In their remark, they identified Comdex’s capacity to boost interoperability between digital asset classes and investors with the traditional ones with the Comdex decentralized enterprise trading platform.

They have also noted, in the published article, how Comdex has expanded from being just a comprehensive product suite to an entire ecosystem of liquidity investment gateway from digital and traditional asset classes.

About Tech-times

Tech-times is a media enterprise and their task is simple- to research and give reports about innovations and developments in technology, science, and health.

They also take time to detail and analyze how businesses in technology impact other different markets and keep the world so closely interconnected.

Learn more about Comdex features with the Comdex explainer Video

Intending to prepare her community for its platform launch, Comdex finds it needful to share an explainer video that treats its community with detailed information on how Comdex features works.

In this video you will find;

  • Details about Comdex functionality
  • How to create and use c-assets on Comdex
  • How Comdex bridges the gap between Decentralized Finance and the traditional finance system (CeFi)

Also in this video, you will learn to diversify your asset class holdings with a one-size-fits-all kind of portfolio. In addition, you will understand how price fluctuations work on real-world assets without cost barriers associated with traditional commodity trading.

Comdex Osmosis Liquidity pool still up and running

Just a reminder that you are missing out if you have not jumped into the Comdex Osmosis liquidity pool. To shade some light, you still have a chance to earn extra funds with incentivized liquidity pool running on the Osmosis Decentralized exchange. The sweet side APR is worth the stake.

Still running are

  • $CMDX/ $ATOM with 143% APR and
  • $CMDX /$OSMO pool with 147% APR

That aside, you will earn some extra $CMDX rewards and some from $OSMO rewards since it is a double liquidity pool.

Ending Note

Comdex is committed to hitting a remarkable landmark in 2022 to actualize its plan to democratize finance. Necessary backdrop projects have been accomplished in 2021 as seen with the launch of Comdex Mainnet and its native token, so the next utility is inevitable.

For more information visit the links below and stay connected with the latest update around the ecosystem

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