Celebrating the LBP launch with Comdex

The Comdex community is bobbling with excitement, engagements and rewards in celebration of the Comdex Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool. A number of community based events has come by in this regard. Among them are airdrop, and LBP explainer contest.

What is Liquidity bootstrapping pool, LBP?

Liquidity bootstrapping pool is a contract algorithm that manages the actual pool that contains tokens that will be used in an exchange. Apart from token management in an exchange, LBP enables the launching of tokensvwith lower capital requirements and has the ability to adjust the launch pool’s specification when necessary.

For Comdex, they were able to fix the specifications in their LBP to achieve;

  • Fairer launch than the standard algorithm
  • A longer price discovery curve to keep bots locked out
  • To eliminate entry barrier

The Comdex Liquidity Bootstrapping pool and price discovery will take stretch for 3days so that a fair launch price can be reached.

Some community based events that marked the LBP


To mark the LBP, Comdex staged 500 $CMDX for airdrop. Five lucky winners were to receive 100 CMDX each at the end of the LBP.

LBP explainer contest

Also in celebration of the LBP launch, Comdex also staged an explainer contest that gave all participants equal opportunity to win big.

The explainer contest involved:-

  • Explaining in the most possible innovative way, the meaning of LBP
  • Using a tweet, infographics, article kr meme to buttress the explanation
  • Replying the Comdex tweet with the Participants’ answer and retweet the Comdex tweet.

In the end, 3 top winners emerged from the lot and were rewarded 100 CMDX each. So that’s it about the LBP launch party. What’s more in the update? Let’s see.

Champions of the mainnet launch giveaway

3 championships have emerged from the Comdex Mainnet launch giveaway. Originally, there 100 winners but 3 reached the championship stage.

The first 3 gets 250 $CMDX each out of the total 10,000 CMDX. The 97 winners are to share from the rest of the tokens.

CMDX/ATOM pool now live on Osmosis DEX

CMDX/ATOM LBP pool is now live and running on the Osmosis Decentralized exchange. The trade pair went live on December 3rd 2021. The Liquidity bootstrapping pool for the price discovery will last for 3days. This is to ensure to arrive the fairest price launch price for the Comdex community.

Call to action

A project’s launch pool is an opportunity to get a token at the cheapest rate you can ever get. For Comdex, they distributed the usual way of token launch by adopting the LBP launch which assures a Fairer price launch. Take this chance and don’t let it slide.

For more information visit the links below and stay connected with the latest update around the ecosystem

Website: https://comdex.one/home
•Telegram: https://t.me/ComdexChat
•Twitter: https://twitter.com/ComdexOfficial
•Medium: https://blog.comdex.one/




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