Celebrating Seascape at 1-year Milestone

Seascape @1: A peep at the 12months achievement

  • Launch of its native token $CWS and its first game profit circus.
  • Launch of $CWS on Binance smart chain and its second game, NFT Brawl
  • Launch of staking saloon
  • Listing on kucoin
  • Wichita BSC mystery boxes
  • Launch of SeaDex
  • Launch of the lighthouse IDO launchpad
  • Moonscape token generation event
  • Moonscape city NFT sale and others.

Moonscape City NFTs Sale sold out

  • Sale 1 — Legendary city sale, 5 NFTs for 1200000 MSCP each
  • Sale 2 — Epic city sale, 10 NFTs at 600,000 MSCP each
  • Sale 3 — Rare city sale, 20 NFTs at 200,000 MSCP each
  • Sale 5 — Special city sale, 40 NFTs at 60,000 MSCP each
  • Sale 5 — Common city sale, 80 NFTs at 20,000 MSCP each


About Seascape

About Moonscape



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