BLOODY OCTOBER: Bulliverse Fresh Blood Gaming Tournament

Aniel Essien
3 min readOct 26, 2022


While the world waits for the Metaverse to evolve into more than just anticipated possibilities fully, Bullieverse Island is bringing the future to us with an open metaverse that allows NFTs to come alive on the Unreal engine using an immersive gaming experience.

The quest for October is Necrodemic; a chilling gaming tournament against the undead. Necrodemic starts with a soothing, tranquil atmosphere that settles as dusk creeps in on the Island shores.

When darkness comes finally, an ominous wind blows over the entire Bulliever Island where die-hard Bulls have won or lost battles. The game builds steadily after this netherworld wind as the ground trembles and the first clawed arm stretches out of the ground into the moonlit darkness.

The Island grounds soon become a sea of reaching arms reeking of decay. And then an army of towering humanoids, set loose from the clasp of Death! If you participated in past Bullieverse tournaments featuring human characters, then you’ll find Necrodemic an exciting challenge.

Not to ruin the fun, but my experience in this game was the most immersive I’ve ever had. At some point during the battle, Bulls stood outnumbered as the living dead tore into the brethren with their fangs. The opposition was dead set on eliminating every single Bull standing.

Until the unexpected happened. A silver lining that was only going to work if the valiant brethren bandied together. This was my favourite part of the gaming tournament. At the dying minute, formerly slain Bears, not held in imposed hibernation but long dead and buried in the ground joined forces to fight alongside fellow Bulls after being trained. As you play you also get to train your captive bears at Beary and add them to your marching army against the undead.

Some of the characters you’ll be meeting in this tournament are evil Necromancers and some good ones like Juicy Joe; helpful and in charge of the shop with no doors where you can get your ‘meta-hands’ on weapons like grenades, swords, guns, and bullets.

Necrodemic is an opportunity to grow besides cutting down evil zombies. The tournament gives the first warriors to leave the game a chance to battle it out in Necrodemic’s first-ever leaderboard competition. This competition is more than just pure fun and games. Winners get to take home the spoils. Some of which the remaining, unhunted Bears.

Joining the tournament is a smooth process, like everything else about Bullieverse Island. All you need to do is sign up if you already hold COBI NFT and you’re set to slash the jugulars of as many sinister living deads as you want. For non-COBI holders, join the bloodbath through the Gleam link, sign up, smash the gauntlet and take your place. $25,000 take take-home is worth it and so is the fun.

There’s truly no better to enjoy a game than to be immersed in it in the greatest way possible and Bulliverse Island is helping many enthusiastic gamers get the best of their gaming experience on the metaverse.

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