Bitrue Exchange Launches Futures Copy Trading: This Will Save You As A Novice Trader

Aniel Essien
3 min readJan 16, 2024

Trading the perpetual or futures market requires lots of expertise.

There are technical, sentimental, and psychological techniques you need to have handy, and years of practice and experience are essential to improve these skills to a point of perfection.

Starting as a newbie or as a trader who is just trying to gabble around and get their hands wet, you will only run into a series of losses than profits.

That is nerve-wracking!

However, it is also true that trading the market can be very profitable and liberating if you know your way around it.

So, instead of giving up entirely, wouldn’t it be better if you could replicate the trades of seasoned and well-grounded traders for profits while you continue to learn?

That is why you need copy trading!

What is Copy Trading?

Copy trading is a feature that allows traders, who have less experience in trading, to copy and follow the trading strategies and techniques of experienced traders, and automatically copy their actions in real-time to earn profits.

This way, you can benefit from their expertise, without having to monitor the market constantly or manage your positions manually.

The Advantages of Copy Trading

  1. You can start trading without doing extensive research or analysis, as you can rely on the expertise and strategies of the traders you copy.
  2. You can learn from the actions and decisions of the traders you copy, and gain more knowledge and understanding of the futures or perpetual markets.
  3. You can diversify your portfolio by copying traders who trade different pairs.
  4. You can reduce your risks by following traders who have a proven track record and a low drawdown.
  5. You can trade even when you are busy or unavailable, as your trades will be automatically executed according to the traders you copy.

Futures Copy Trading is now on Bitrue Exchange!

Bitrue now provides an interface where you can follow skilled traders on the exchange and automatically synchronize their trading activities with yours to generate profits.

So, you do not have to constantly watch the market and manage positions when you can just replicate the techniques and activities of traders that gain profits from trading the majority of the time, effortlessly.

Ways to Join the Futures Copy Trading on Bitrue.

There are two roles you can choose from: Traders and Followers.

  • Traders are the experts. They share their trading skills and strategies with others and earn a percentage of the profits generated by their followers.
  • Followers are the less experienced or curious traders who monitor, copy, and follow the trading strategies and trades of the experts.

You can enroll as either depending on what you want.

Enrolling as a Trader

To be a trader, you have to be a:

  • Key Opinion Leader (KOL) in the industry.
  • Futures Trading Expert.

Steps include:

  1. Apply to become a trader.
  2. Undergo a review: Make sure you:

- Don’t open positions or orders that copy other trades.

- Don’t follow other traders at the moment.

- Have only one account that can be registered for leading trades as a trader.

  1. Share Profits through copy trading.

Read the full steps here.

Enrolling as a Follower

As a follower, you need to:

  1. Browse the list of available traders, and choose the ones that match your criteria.

You can also view their performance history, trading style, and feedback from other followers.

  1. Set your copy trading preferences.
  2. Follow traders to open and close positions.

Once you start following a trader, your futures account will automatically open and close positions according to their actions.

Read the full details here.

The Futures Copy Trading feature is available for the Bitrue Android app and will be available for the iOS app soon.

If you already had the app downloaded, update it to the latest version on Google Play, and get started!

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