AssetMantle’s $MNTL gets listed on P2PB2B

The AssetMantle platform’s native governance and staking token, $MNTL, have been listed on a high-level centralized crypto exchange and trading platform P2PB2B.

Founded and launched in 2018, P2PB2B is a cryptocurrency exchange with over 200 distinct tokens. PACT, the exchange’s native token, serves as fuel for the ecosystem and provides holders with incentives in the form of prizes and interest.

AssetMantle’s $MNTL is now available for trading on the exchange with the $MNTL/ $USDT trading pair:

AssetMantle develops a robust and user-friendly platform that enables anyone to mint, buy, sell, and even set up a customized NFT marketplace that supports various asset types and blockchains. This platform addresses the problems with the current NFT market environment, chief among them being the hyper-centralization of NFT marketplaces.

The $MNTL serves as both a medium of trade and a method of network security. In addition to safeguarding the MantleChain, $MNTL may be used for a number of other operations in AssetMantle’s decentralized NFT market — MantlePlace, including minting, trading, royalty payments, and platform fees.

The MantleChain’s flawless functioning is ensured by the $MNTL token, which permits a number of crucial responsibilities including the following:

The $MNTL token may be used by its holders to cover transaction costs, platform commissions, and creator royalties. Additionally, through decentralized autonomous organizations that are essential to the management of the NFT market, the $MNTL token may be utilized for platform curation.

The Tendermint core, a Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) based Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance (pBFT) consensus engine, powers AssetMantle’s sovereign chain, MantleChain.

By assigning their tokens to the validators of their choice, token owners may contribute to the chain’s security. Through their chosen validators, the delegators will subsequently be encouraged to actively participate in the consensus or risk being slashed in the event that they engage in harmful activity.

The $MNTL coin is required as a deposit to set up on-chain governance initiatives. The owners of the tokens can then vote on these proposals using the staked $MNTL.

The token distribution is designed to promote ecosystem involvement and produce sustainable growth.

According to the distribution plan, the total supply at genesis was 300 million tokens, and it follows a two-year halving inflation schedule.

The $MNTL distribution is set up so that 50% of the supply is controlled by the community, rewarding MantlePlace stakeholders as well as ecosystem supporters with MantleDrops.

For more clarification on how the Mantledrop works, check out this blog post:

If you are interested in NFTs, Then AssetMantle is a fascinating initiative that you should investigate. In the near future, it may turn into a supplementary or even a major source of income for many, thus causing a revolution for producers and collectors of NFTs and other digital assets.

To find out more about AssetMantle and keep in touch with their recent news and developments check out the following links:

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