AssetMantle’s $MNTL gets Listed on MEXC Global

The native governance and staking token of the AssetMantle platform $MNTL have been listed on several exchanges recently. The Mantle team is not relenting in their goal to make the $MNTL token easily accessible to everyone who intends to mint NFTs in the much anticipated MantlePlace.

Recently, the $MNTL token was listed on one of the most revered centralized digital asset trading platforms in the world — MEXC Global.

Founded in 2018, MEXC Global provides users with one-stop services for digital trading assets. In addition to the support for contracts, margin trading, leveraged ETFs, and spot trading MEXC Global also allow users to stake their digital assets to earn staking rewards passively.

On MEXC, there are various ways to make passive income or get advantages rather than staking. Users may earn money using other applications with little effort. MX-DeFi Hub, for instance, allows users to join pools and receive benefits. Additionally, M-Day offers free airdrops.

In conclusion, MEXC is a relatively reliable platform for investors and traders. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the world of cryptocurrencies or you are a seasoned trader. You’ll discover that MEXC’s capabilities and options are highly promising. Additionally, representatives are on hand to respond to your inquiries and provide a solution in case you get stuck.

The $MNTL token which will be used to mint NFTs in the most anticipated NFT Marketplace — MantlePlace is available for trading with the $MNTL/$USDT trading pair here:

The $MNTL token serves as both a medium of exchange and a security measure for the Assetmantle network. In addition to safeguarding the MantleChain, $MNTL may also be used for a number of other activities in AssetMantle’s decentralized NFT market, MantlePlace, including trading, royalty payments, and paying transaction fees.

These incredible features and more makes MEXC a good fit, and as such, the Mantle team choose to list its native token on its exchange.

The $MNTL token is also required as a deposit to establish on-chain governance proposals and token owners can vote on these proposals using their staked $MNTL thanks to Assetmantle’s delegated proof of stake consensus mechanism.

If you haven’t heard about AssetMantle and how it intends to revolutionize the NFT industry as a Layer one blockchain for interoperable Games, Metaverses, Enterprises, and interchain NFTs you can check out the documentation here. Nevertheless, we present a brief overview.

AssetMantle is a no-code custom NFT storefront for interchain NFTs that procures the necessary elements needed to create distinctive NFTs and NFT marketplaces, thereby giving rise to the creation of interchangeable NFTs that can be used on different blockchains.

AssetMantle promises to deliver a community-driven, open-source framework that supports interNFT metadata regulations as well as Mantle modules that make it easier to integrate NFT in metaverses, games, and the arts.

AssetMantle also makes it possible to use NFTs for tokenized tickets, collectibles, and digital artwork. To find out more about AssetMantle and keep in touch with their recent news and developments check out the following links:

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