AssetMantle’s $MNTL gets Listed On LBank

Aniel Essien
3 min readSep 21, 2022


The native governance and staking token of the AssetMantle platform $MNTL continues to be the topic as it gets listed on yet another prominent centralized exchange — LBANK

LBank Exchange is a cutting-edge worldwide trading platform for different crypto assets that was established in 2015. LBank Exchange offers its consumers specialized financial derivatives, safe cryptocurrency trading, and expert asset management services. With more than 7 million users from more than 210 different areas across the world, it has grown to be one of the most well-known and reliable cryptocurrency trading platforms.

LBank offers its very own exclusive web-based trading platform, similar to many other cryptocurrency exchanges. The exchange platform is quite attractive and straightforward, with a user-friendly layout that is simple to use.


LBank provides consumers with a secure trading environment thanks to its cutting-edge infrastructure and security technologies. LBank uses the greatest technical staff in the world to ensure that its users are protected against the multiple hacks that have afflicted the sector in order to improve security and foster confidence and trust in cryptocurrencies.

LBank’s website provides a safe platform for everyone thanks to SSL and 2FA. Furthermore, it protects users’ valuables using cold and hot storage wallets.

LBank is compatible with a variety of devices. For high-quality trading services, users may access it on PCs and mobile devices. Also, Advanced indicators like CCI, RSI, KDJ, and MACD are available on the platform. Additionally, experienced users may take advantage of its premium trading window for a more sophisticated trading experience.

Mantlers can now trade their favourite tokens on LBank here:

Note: Native withdrawals are disabled in this instance of $MNTL since it is an ERC-20 token. You must first withdraw to an ERC-20 compliant wallet before using the gravity bridge to cross over to the AssetMantle chain and keep your $MNTL.

The $MNTL serves as both a medium of exchange and a security measure for the network. In addition to safeguarding the MantleChain, $MNTL may also be used for a number of other activities in AssetMantle’s decentralized NFT market, MantlePlace, including minting, trading, royalty payments, and platform fees.

The $MNTL token is required as a deposit to establish on-chain governance proposals. Token owners can vote on these proposals using their staked $MNTL.


AssetMantle is a no-code custom NFT storefront for interchain NFTs that procures the necessary elements needed to create distinctive NFTs and NFT marketplaces, thereby giving rise to the creation of interchangeable NFTs that can be used on different blockchains.

AssetMantle promises to deliver a community-driven, open-source framework that supports interNFT metadata regulations as well as Mantle modules that make it easier to integrate NFT in metaverses, games, and the arts.

AssetMantle also makes it possible to use NFTs for things like tokenized tickets, collectibles, and digital artwork. To find out more about AssetMantle and keep in touch with their recent news and developments check out the following links:

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