AssetMantle: Facilitating The Development Of No-code Interchangeable NFTS

Aniel Essien
3 min readNov 20, 2022

Simply said, interoperability is the capacity to share or make use of data across several systems. With the development of technology, NFTs are emerging as the foundation for enabling true interoperability in the much-anticipated metaverse as they are the most effective technique to establish ownership of digital assets on a visible and auditable database.

While several concerns are restricting the possibilities of NFT interoperability, in the future we could witness interoperable metaverses where NFTs can easily be transferred from one virtual world to another, and AssetMantle is poised to make this future a reality.

AssetMantle is a framework for NFT markets that consists of all the components required to create a separate market and make it simpler to create exchangeable NFTs that travel between different blockchains. AssetMantle’s goal is to increase the use and accessibility of NFTs. The Mantle team achieves this by exploiting the Cosmos ecosystem and adhering to interNFT’s objective to make NFTs interoperable across blockchain networks.

AssetMantle enables the development of interchangeable NFTs that can migrate between several blockchains. Users of AssetMantle can utilize their NFTs in other metaverses and chains thanks to the interoperability provided by the IBC protocol and interNFT standards.

Using AssetMantle, anybody can simply create unique marketplaces for goods from certain vendors or groups of sellers. Thus, it serves as a Shopify for NFTs, allowing entrepreneurs and creatives to create their own stores for their own NFT assets rather than putting them on open markets.

AssetMantle’s architecture for NFT markets offers all the components necessary to develop a unique NFT market. In addition, Creators have total creative freedom over the formation of unique NFT marketplaces and original assets when utilizing the AssetMantle no-code toolset.

Therefore, anybody can create markets without knowing any code due to AssetMantle’s MantleBuilder, a front-end NFT store builder that gives clients control over everything from layout to branding to royalty rates.

AssetMantle switches to the Tendermint Core consensus engine, which employs the significantly more economical DPoS consensus method rather than PoW. This greatly reduces transaction costs, removing entrance barriers and making the marketplace fair for creators and collectors.

AssetMantle also provides fractional ownership of assets — wherein a valuable NFT item is owned by several people — Ownership rights are expressed as percentages and can be exchanged between the parties. The fractional owners of an NFT are additionally allocated royalties from secondary sales according to their own rights and variable splits.

In Conclusion

AssetMantle is an open-source NFT ecosystem and marketplace platform that provides advantages beyond those often offered in the non-fungible market. With the use of AssetMantle’s Interchain NFT standards, NFT investors may be able to move their assets between different blockchain ecosystems while taking advantage of top-notch creator tools at minimal mintage costs.

AssetMantle’s mission is to offer a community-driven, open-source environment that enables interNFT metadata conventions and Mantle modules that make it easier to integrate NFT in metaverses, games, and art forms.

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