An Overview On How Instaraise Is Set To Transform The Tezos DEFI Ecosystem With Its Feature-rich DEX

Aniel Essien
3 min readMay 29, 2022


Tezos is an open-source platform backed by a worldwide community of validators, academics, and builders that overcomes key barriers to blockchain adoption for assets and applications.

Tezos establishes “governance mechanisms for stakeholders to accept protocol modifications that are then automatically distributed on the network,” whereas many blockchains rely on their development teams and mining communities.

This encourages user involvement in the main development process.

In the Tezos ecosystem, Instaraise is the first decentralized exchange (DEX) offering a launchpad and incubation platform.

Instaraise enables DeFi enterprises to raise the necessary funds while also building a strong ecosystem. Meanwhile, it gives retail investors and prospective customers immediate access to validated project investment opportunities.

Instaraise not only exposes Tezos as a viable solution for all DeFi-related demands but also pumps more liquidity into the underrated blockchain technology by making fundraising infrastructure and funds available to Tezos-based blockchain enterprises.

Twin Apex, BlockOG Capital, and Roundtable DAO amongst many other leading platforms have all sponsored Instaraise’s objective to enable DeFi projects and ultimately establish Tezos as a viable blockchain infrastructure for DeFi applications.


Tezos is a rapidly expanding decentralized finance platform. The Instaraise platform’s unique offering is expected to attract additional DeFi projects to the Tezos project.

Instaraise aims to make the DeFi ecosystem safer and more secure as it expands on the Tezos blockchain, by reducing the danger of rug-pulls and Defi Token sales bias.

Instaraise guarantees that all IDO openings are evened up and decentralized for all crypto entrepreneurs by enabling fair sales.

Instarise identifies issues with many DeFi project launches, including “high obstacles to finance, lack of access for investors, and high fees of entry for clients on both sides,” and provides a solution through its IDO launchpad, which is built on the Tezos blockchain.

Instaraise could be used by token-based projects in the Tezos ecosystem by setting up a swap pool based on a defined token purchase rate.

DeFi projects may now raise and exchange funds at a low-cost thanks to the use of smart contracts for security.

Instaraise’s DEX — InstaDEX is one of instaraise services, and it plays an important part in the launch of new projects.

Through its innovative trading capabilities, InstaDEX eradicates the difficulties that plague many other Automated Market Makers

Users can trade tokens listed on the DEX and employ pre-sales facilitation tactics to raise funding for new projects.

InstaDEX can also be used for Liquidity Pool Staking by Liquidity Providers via an AMM executed in the most permissionless and safe manner.


Instaraise is Tezos’ first decentralized IDO platform, empowering projects by allocating tokens through auctions. The platform makes it possible for projects to raise funds in a decentralized and interoperable manner.

The Instarise team can assist you with ideation and mentorship if you’re a project builder. For more information and collaboration, you can contact the CEO and co-founder — Dibyo Majumder Via Email at:

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