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OpenOcean began an eventful week by thanking everyone who participated in their holiday event which served up a juicy reward pool of 50k $OOE, sent out seamlessly to the wallet addresses of luck rewards.

In case you missed this, OpenOcean’s holiday event was team OpenOcean’s effort toward’s making the holidays as heartwarming and unforgettable for community members with attractive gift boxes.

How did this play out? OpenOcean made it possible for participants to stand a chance of winning up to 15 $OOE plus 100% gas fee refund for every $50 swap in any token pair on the following platforms:
1. Avalanche
2. Binance Smart Chain
3. Fantom
4. Polygon

That being said, you can still participate in any of OpenOcean’s reward opportunities by joining their vault and liquidity mining programs on Binance Smart Chain and Fantom (FTM).

OpenOcean has also gone on to integrate Astroport on OpenOcean. The overall benefit of integration like this is the additional $1.15B liquidity on Terra, which will offer users only the best rates for efficient swapping. Pretty amazing if you ask me. Another giant stride, the OpenOcean project has been able to make in the last couple of weeks is enabling premium swap options on Mask Network.

Here is a list of supported chains sponsoring this achievement:
* Ethereum
* BinanceChain
* Arbitrum
* Polygon
* GnosisChain

With this move, users will be getting maximum returns on their trades. While OpenOcean already plays an active role in Web3 by providing users with impressive returns on digital assets which cut across different networks without extra costs, the OpenOcean project still embraces more avenues to pitch into the Web3 effort. Hence, this brilliant integration.

On the part of team Mask Network, the goal is to bridge the chasm between their present Web (Web 2) and Web3. Being able to bridge this gap would mean 100% success in empowering the public to enjoy utilizing the web on conventional platforms without having to use centralized servers.

The Mask Network to OpenOcean swap is designed in the simplest way possible. All users need to do is to add the Mask Network extension to any of their social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. The next step is then to connect their digital wallet. Now, when browsing and tokens like $ETH pop up, users can simply tap the token on their device, and voila! They are free to swap at any of the superb rates available; directly through OpenOcean at that.

There’s more to what OpenOcean has been up to this month. Also recently, OpenOcean has bagged a strategic collaboration with Coinbase which allows wallet users to shoot their trading to extraordinary levels!

The official announcement was released on the 18th of January, 2022. OpenOcean currently has eight wallets on Binance Smart Chain with a host of options on other chains in the crypto space. This integration with Coinbase marks a huge step towards bridging liquidity and it only gets better.

Massive kudos to the OpenOcean team for putting together so much in just a short time. With the current pace, there’s no doubt 2022 is going to be one of the biggest years yet for the OpenOcean project.

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