AMA Recap Between Razor Network and EasyFi Network

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3 min readNov 25, 2022

AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions are one of the ways a project’s community can interact with the representatives of the project.

Razor Network has been hosting a number of AMA sessions, and this time, it was with EasyFi Network.

The AMA took place on November 24th, in Razor’s Telegram group at 2 PM UTC+1. It is enlightening and educational.

Let’s take a look at the highlight of the AMA

Razor Network hosted Shantanu Sharma, EasyFi’s head of Growth & Marketing. Shantanu has a wealth of experience in crypto, and Business Marketing and Development (over 6 years in crypto, and over 25 in business marketing and development).

Shantanu started by introducing EasyFi Network as a universal Layer-2 DeFi lending protocol currently on Polygon, Ethereum, and Binance Smart Chain, and that had just recently expanded to Avalanche.

He mentioned that EasyFi launched in October 2020, and was the 1st DeFi lending protocol on any Layer-2 network — on Matic, which is now Polygon.

He went ahead to state EasyFi’s focus, which has always been to provide a multi-dimensional lending platform to DeFi users with many different lending products.

He also introduced ELECTRIC, a product it recently launched. The product enables anyone to take a short-term undercollateralized loan on EasyFi to conduct leverage/margin trades on DEXs. He stated that ELECTRIC had gone live on public Testnet, and invited the community to try it out.

You can read more about it here:

He also shared the following links for the community to learn about the testnet on the different chains.


AVAX Testnet:

BSC Testnet:

Testnet guide:

Polygon Testnet:

Furthermore, he introduced EasyFi’s staking programs, where members can stake project tokens and get yields and good APYs. He didn’t leave out the ancillary products for incentivization programs — the most important one being Blend, which brings FIXED APR Staking programs.

You can access it here:

On request, he demonstrated how the RAZOR BLEND fixed APR Staking works. The full calculation methodology can be found here:

He mentioned that EasyFi was building Multichain Layer-2 money markets which provide the following:

- structured lending products.

- facilitate end-to-end lending & borrowing of digital assets.

- New advanced DeFi products.

EasyFi’s 2022 Roadmap was shared for the community to take a read. Find it here:

Based on the market condition, EasyFi has strategically prioritized its focus areas, some of which are:


📍New Product

📍Infrastructure, and


EasyFi’s token, $EZ, was introduced. Some of the benefits were highlighted, like governance, protocol incentivization, earning staking rewards, cross-market interaction, and cross-chain settlement. $EZ can be bought here:

He shared the project links and links to read about the leadership team and join regional groups.

When he was done, he answered a number of questions asked by the audience. Some of the questions and his answers are highlighted below (Q for question, and A for answer).

Q: Any plans for Uniswap?

A: Yes. Quick, Pancake, Sushi, Uni, TraderJoe — any DEX with a multitude of liquidity.

Q: Any plans to move to the arbitrum chain, as TVL is surging?

A: Yes, we are exploring Arbitrum and a whole bunch of other Networks as well.

Q: Since NFT is popular nowadays, is there a plan for NFT integration?

A: Our Product for Loans for Metaverse Assets — METAFI — should take care of that. As a protocol, we are not going to issue any NFTs. At least nothing on the near horizon.

Q: What’s your main focus right now, are you focused on the community or MARKET/EXCHANGE or the Products?

A: Our Current Focus is on — ELECTRIC — Margin Trading on DEXs. We want to go mainnet as soon as possible and open the doors to liquidity on DEXs and some great trading opportunities.

Q: Do you have AUDIT certificates? Or are you working to AUDIT your project, To make it more secure and reliable?

A: Yes We have been audited for sure.

We have onboarded one of the leading cybersecurity — HALBORN Security. More can be read here:

Q: Partnership is always an important factor for every project. So who is your partner? What are the benefits you get from those relationships?

A: Yes Partnerships are very important in this space. For example, we are partnered with Razor Network for our Blend program.

The session ended at about 3 PM. It was indeed an enlightening one.

You can read and know more about Razor Network, and also join its communities:

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