A Walkthrough on How to Provide Liquidity on Osmosis?

Aniel Essien
3 min readJul 17, 2022


Osmosis is an enhanced automated market maker (AMM) protocol that enables programmers to create unique AMMs with sovereign liquidity pools.

Osmosis enables users to establish liquidity pools with distinctive criteria including multi-weighted asset pools and bonding curves.

There has never been a better opportunity to begin supplying liquidity to the $MNTL/$OSMO pool than now that the new external incentives are live on the Osmosis DEX.

The following steps should get you started:

Make an Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) token deposit using Osmosis

You will need to deposit some assets with Osmosis as a first step. Since $ATOM is an IBC token that is readily available on a variety of exchanges, you can choose to use it to make your deposit.

To access the “Assets” area, go to https://app.osmosis.zone/, log in with your Keplr wallet, and then locate the $ATOM cryptocurrency and choose “Deposit.”

Click “Deposit” after entering the required $ATOM deposit amount. You will be prompted to sign the transaction via the Keplr plugin.

The $ATOM you placed will be accessible on Osmosis after you have signed.

Swap your $ATOM for $MNTL and $OSMO tokens

The next stage will be to buy an equal amount of $MNTL and $OSMO tokens using Osmosis’ swap function as the $MNTL/$OSMO pool requires a 50/50 spread for both tokens.

To do this, navigate to Osmosis’ “Trade” section. Select $ATOM in the “From” section there, then click “half” to have the value for half of your tokens immediately inserted.

To begin the exchange and sign the transaction, pick $OSMO in the “To” section and click swap.

Giving Pool #690 liquidity

You may now add liquidity to the pool because $OSMO and $MNTL are now valued equally.

To do this, search for pool #690 in the “Pools” section and click the return. As an alternative, you may access the pool by clicking on this link: https://app.osmosis.zone/pool/690

Click “Add/Remove Liquidity” in the top-right corner of the screen, enter the necessary amount in the pop-up box, and then click “Add Liquidity.”

The liquidity will show up in the window when you’ve verified the transaction and signed it.

Bond tokens to begin earning incentives.

Bonding your tokens is the last step before you can start getting incentives. Keep in mind that the $MNTL external incentives are only given to bonding periods of 7 and 14 days.

To do this, go to the Pool page and select “Start Earning.” Select a 7 or 14-day bonding time and offer the required volume of liquidity for unbonding. Then select next.

If you followed the steps to the latter, your tokens have been successfully bonded, and the $MNTL/$OSMO pool will now start rewarding you internally and externally.

If you are confused and still in need of further guidance, the Mantle team has prepared a video guide to help users get through the liquidity provision process, you can find it here:


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