A Guide Through Comdex’s cSwap Decentralized Exchange

What is cSwap?

cSwap was laid down as a forerunner project of ShipFi to carry out the conversion of goods from the physical form to the digital. cSwap is also the trading of assets within the Cosmos ecosystem

Benefits of cSwap

Limit orders.

Before Using cSwap

1. First, you need to have a KeplrWallet account before you can participate in the testnet.

Limit Orders

A limit order is a transaction carried out to allow you to buy or sell crypto at a price that you can afford. Usually lasting a month, a limited order can be cancelled by you, when the goal of the order has been carried out.

To place your limit order:

Go to the TRADE tab.

To cancel your limit order:

Go back to the TRADE tab.

Liquidity & Farming

To provide liquidity in cSwap Testnet, you would need to add the value of the two cryptocurrencies you want as your liquidity pool tokens and equate the value to that of the amount of US dollars that you need to make the transaction successful.

About Comdex Network

The Comdex chain now serves as a DeFi infrastructure layer for the Cosmos ecosystem. Essentially this means that Comdex provides a variety of interoperable plug & play modules for projects to use to create their own DeFi platforms providing utility to the Cosmos community as well as DeFi users worldwide



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