This Season of profit circus with Seascape has just ended with Season1 on Moonriver at one end, and Season3 on Binance Smart Chain, and ethereum network at the other end of the circus. The play-to-earn game was very successful, and rewarding to participants; as such all participants are advised to go ahead and withdraw their earnings. For the Moonriver profit circus, over $500k worth of $MOVR were up in rewards. That was about the last season’s games, what is new at Seascape?

Introducing Seascape NFTs marketplace

Seascape is one of those DeFi networks that is sure to carry its community of users along with news, announcements, events, giveaways, play-to-earn games, and of course all of its network activities. Last week’s activities over the Seascape network were all about NFTs giveaway, and enabling yet another network bridge for Seascape native tokens. But then, significant performance records were issued by Seascape yet again with numbers topping like never before. Let’s see the updates in detail.

Special network announcement

Seascape has recorded significant growth across several networks especially in Total Value Locked (TVL), and they are pleased to bring it to public…

With the recent launch of Seascape’s decentralized Exchange, SeaDEX, and its subsequent launch on Moonriver, Polkadot network, and Kusama network, the game is already on especially on Moonriver ever since SeaDEX launch. Talk about trading liquidity provider tokens, LP tokens, and their rewards, and the recent latest profit circus season which is currently running on Moonriver till September 11th, 2021. Activities are not as much for this week but the few were quite remarkable. Let’s check them out in detail.

SeaDEX is still new and the first on Moonriver. To provide a roadmap for users, Seascape has earlier this week…

The market for consumer identity and access management is booming, thanks to the broad adoption of mobile and the Internet of Things. According to Allied Market Research, smartphone adoption is driving this: Consumer IAM solutions with flexible functionality to handle growing network traffic, burgeoning demand, and peak usage requirements of consumers for diverse applications are likely to provide multiple chances for the global identity and access management market to expand and develop.

Hyper-sign looked into a number of issues with social logins, including user personal data storage, tracking and tracing, data misuse, and legacy authentication using passwords that need too…

From distributing rewards to launching a new decentralized app, dApp, Seascape has remarkably taken their game two steps ahead once more. First, by being available now at one of the most accommodating NFT marketplaces on the blockchain, and secondly with the launch of its dApp. In addition to other exciting events to run into September from the concluding days of August 2021.

Staking saloon has ended and so has Seascape and Coinmarketcap airdrop. As expected rewards are due for distribution to participants and winners alike.

Staking saloon had over $1.5million worth of $CWS and pCWS in Binance smart chain and…

It’s the game season in Seascape, more games are ending to usher in new rounds of NFT games to keep the fire burning within the Seascape network. As the Seascape forum season(1) has just ended, fresh batches of high-quality NFTs have been minted into the Seascape market. Now the story has not even started; let’s see what the recent update sounds like.

Binance NFT trading competition

Seascape Network

The Binance NFT trading competition is here again and Seascape will be hitting the Binance NFT marketplace to bring a brand new trading blowout to life. …

More events, partnership deals, and a listing has come Seascape’s way again over the week, but this time with a twerk of fulfillment amid the recovering market. The joy of $CWS holders, as well as Seascape users, knows no bounds as the market surge has favored Seascape’s $CWS, crowning the events of the week. Here is a highlight of what happened with Seascape over the week, are you ready !!!


Seascape partners with Gelato

DeFi and NFTs games have suffered an issue over time, and that is how to properly determine and allocate rewards to users for on-chain activities. However…

Seascape hit one of the major milestone in the history of it’s NFT and gaming journey in yet again in July, despite the prevalent market downturns. The partnerships, reward pools, games and fun moments all made July 2021 a hit for the Seascape network. Very quickly, in this article is a rundown of Seascape’s month recap for July and what’s on the pipeline for August.

Talking about milestone, Seascape finally got in to partner with BinanceNFTs and has already started dishing mouth watering events on the go. …

As the interest in NFTs keeps growing as seasons go by, NFT platforms like seascape keep gaining popularity and leverage for NFT related transactions. Seascape moreover has hit an astounding mark in NFTs trade volume over the week in addition to other sweet side partnership deals.

This week on Seascape’s diary, Seascape has been listed #1 on Treasureland among the top 10 NFTs in 7D trading volume. Twice in June 2021, Seascape was listed among the top 10 Binance Smart Chain NFT games then later, as #2 in Binance smart chain in trades volume. …

EpiK Protocol

What is Knowledge Graph Technology?

A knowledge graph is a knowledge base that uses a graph-structured dataframe or structure to collaborate closely. Interconnected descriptions of elements with free-form semantics, such as objects, events, circumstances, or abstract concepts, are typically stored in knowledge networks.

Knowledge Graphs are used in a variety of ways. …

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